Why SSL is Important For Establishing Encrypted Connection

Secure sockets layer aka SSL is the standard procedure that is used to form a trusted connection between the host (web server) and the client (web browser). With the increased cases of Internet information theft, SSL works as the pillar for providing protection to the internet. Not only this, but SSL system also keep our personal information secured while it transmits from one computer to another. SSL also plays a pivotal role in keeping our websites safe even if does not hold any private information. SSL is the best because it provides security and maintains the data integrity of your personal information and for the website as well.

How SSL Works?

SSL works simply by keeping your information secure when it travels from one computer to another. The reason is that there are many barriers located between you and the client so when you send any personal information like some bank account details or credit card numbers it passes through these barriers before it can reach to its targeted location. So any person located in between can easily get an access to your personal information and he can misuse it. So when you are using the SSL certificate, the information you are sending becomes protected and nobody can read it except you and the person you are sending it to. SSL certificates safeguards your important information from internet thieves and hackers.

Steps of establishing an encrypted connection by using SSL certificates

After you have installed SSL certificated on your website all your website data activityis protected from the hackers and thieves. Few basic steps that are as follows establish the encrypted connection:

  • Step 1

The first step is you (as a client)send a request to the web server where website is hosted to do this need to type or select the URL in your web browser and send. The request will be sent to web server this processwill happen very fast.

Step 2

The Web Server willsend back a copy ofSSL certificate for validation to client’s computer this process called handshake.

Step 3

After the SSL handshake verifies the certificate then web server will establish a secure connection and safe data transmission takes place between the client’s computer and web server.

Functions of SSL

  • Authentication

SSL not only provides protection but it also provides authentication. It means that SSL certificate makes sure that you are sending your private information to the right person and not to any hacker who is just trying to hack your information. Internet is very unpredictable. It can pretend to be the client and steal all your information that can put you in a big trouble. So to protect you from such mishaps it is important to get the SSL certificate from a trusted provider.

Trusted provider for SSL is also important. These certificates are provided only after going through numerous checkpoints. These check points make sure that the certificates are issued to loyal and verified companies only.

  • Protection against phishing attacks

SSL certificate also protects against the phishing emails. Phishing emails are fraudulent emails that claims to be from some trusted company and who tries to divulge your personal information. So SSL certificate also provides protection against such deceitful acts.

SSL certificates give visual clues like a lock bar or the green bar that appears on the URL. This is done to tell the customers that their information is secured. This is an indicator that now the information can be shared without any inconvenience.

Qualifying for getting the SSL certificate is not an easy and not everybody gets it. There are number of steps involved that are usually done to make sure that the certificate is awarded to only trustworthy companies. SSL certificates are costly and not everyone can buy it but having install this certificate means you are completely securing your private information from imposters, hackers and thieves.


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